What We Do?

At the Portalus Group we provide realistic technical support for IT and Network Infrastructure for businesses of all sizes from small coffee houses to large corporate networks. Our group is comprised of network engineers, administrators, and developers all with a single goal similar to yours as our client: Deliver the product, deliver success.

We remove roadblocks, actualize ideas, and make reaching outside of your business environment for IT effortless. We think Tech but speak in plain English with written guarantees and proven results.

Who We Serve?

Outsourcing some or all of your IT and Network Infrastructure needs allows you to focus on the larger issue at hand: Your business. We can enable you to recapture time and productivity lost on trying to figure out the "How's", the "What-if's", and the costly service calls to fix something that could have easily been maintained.

We can offer you access to the technology, tools, and techniques that you and your business need to survive with in-house IT solutions and support that turn your staff of one or two into a staff of many with years of experience, knowledge, and know how.

From response, support, managed services, and training, we've got you covered.

Our Expertise

Portalus Group consultants are knowledgable and skilled professionals with years of experience working with innovative technologies. Our expertise includes...

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